Clock Arithmetic 

A clock face from the International Space Station has gone spinning off into space, and been retrieved by some alien space-fishers… (suspend your disbelief, please)

Unfortunately, the numbers had come loose (what with all that spinning), and the alien fisher-folk try to put them back, using their sense of number pattern…(Big Hint)

After they’ve finished, they have a number sequence that goes right round the clock in a continuous cycle. Only then do they notice a photograph of the original clock face stuck on the back of the clock, and are quite pleased to find that they have managed to get four of the numbers in the right place!

The Problem:

Here is a picture of what they did. 

Unfortunately, part of the clock face is in deepest space shadow…

Can you work out what the rest of the clock face looks like, and say how many fingers you think these alien space-fishers might have?!


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Last modified: June 18, 2007